12:51 am on Thursday, Aug. 14, 2003

A Day With Two Lesbians At the Beach

Okay, so technically its not a beach, it’s a lake…but I still spent the day with 2 lesbians. How did it make me feel? Weird I guess, but also turned on. I loved watching them flirt with each other as if no one was looking. In this particular relationship, they played roles: Tina was feminine while Ann was more butch (guy-like),. At first I was embarrassed because I had mistaken Ann for a guy, but after a while I started to feel attracted to her. Maybe it was the tongue ring, or her brassy sense of humor, or…. Well whatever it was, I found myself being drawn to her like a bear to honey. And we all know what happens to the bear when he goes for the honey…besides she’s involved with Tina. I can’t wait to have some money so I can buy some cigarettes…I plan to get 4 cartons (at least) from the native American company, OT Direct. I so hope that I get disability on the first try and don’t have to appeal and wait another couple of months. That would really piss me off. I’ve got to be positive though, and patient. It is a difficult thing to do but not impossible.

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