happy 2004!
8:33 am on Thursday, Jan. 01, 2004

It's a new year, what will it bring? i've got a boyfriend, I've got a best friend, I've got a potential job (actually 2 potential jobs) I've got a motivation to lose weight through a really good diet that has worked for me before, life is good, i've got a reason to take my medicine and stay healthy and be mainly good. the new year may bring some bad as well as good, but i think im prepared i think i can take it, i think im ready. ive got some really special people in my life (well at least 2 anyways) and they will help me thru whatever comes my way. oh and i can get exercise...i can get myself in better shape which will make myself feel better. well im going to go call my boyfriend now and wake him up for the first time in the new year heehee....so happy 2004!


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