another day, another orgasm
1:01 am on Friday, Aug. 22, 2003

Another DayÖ Another Orgasm

Yes, and what a beautiful one it was. All thanks to my wonderful boyfriend Matt. I listen to his voice and it almost guarantees me getting off, although this time it took a few days to completely work its charm. I was so bored today. I thought I was gonna go swimming at Nikkiís house but it turned out she had to go to one of Morganís basketball games. Morgan is Nikkiís daughter. Nikkiís got three kids: Aja, Morgan, and the oh-so-famous Alex.

But today I didnít think much about Alex. Today he was just a kid who skates. No, I thought about Matt, hot sexy Matt. Matt, who turns me on just by the sound of his voice. Matt, who is honestly attracted to me. Matt, who I canít get enough of. Matt, who I canít stop thinking of. Matt, Matt, MattÖ

Rachel, RachelÖ is anyone home? No, weíve all gone to Matt-land where it is all Matt all day every day for eternity. Want pizza? We donít got it. Want wrestling? We donít got it. Want eminem? We donít got it. Want matt. We got that. Get the picture? This is my life, this is my story and if you donít like it fuck you go find another diary to read.


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