Chatting up a storm
1:26 am on Sunday, Sept. 05, 2004

Tonight I had a little fun on the internet. I cybered with this one guy, and chatted with a few other guys as well HEHE. I talked to people about tattoos and piercings. Iíve decided I want to get an eyebrow ring and a tattoo of a barbed wire on the back of my neck A couple people were saying that getting their eyebrow pierced really hurt, but I could deal with thatÖI thinkÖI hopeÖLOL. I sound pathetic donít I?

Other than that, I smoked too much, I watched TV, I ate lunch and supper, balanced my checkbook, crocheted, and studied. Oh, yeah and I got the mail. Exciting day, huh?


It was a strange quiet day

I was anxious as sh*t

And when I smoked lots of cigs

It didnít help a bit

I chatted with guys

Had a little fun

But didnít feel love

For anyone

From India to Israel

From San Diego to the east

I made some new friends

To say the very least

At the end of the day

I sit and I brood

I want to jill off

But Iím not in the mood.


From me to you, and everyone in between, RACH

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