His voice excites me...
12:23 am on Thursday, Jan. 29, 2004

Mmmm... got to hear his voice Ė Nikki called and I could hear him in the background. Just to hear him speaking was enough to make me grin like a fool and act like a silly schoolgirl. I wish I was still a schoolgirl because that would make things so much less complicated.

Oh well.

The show must go on.

Or should I say life must go on. Tonight maybe Iíll talk to David. David is so sweet and sexy. Heís not as sweet and sexy as Alex is though. HEHEHE LUV RACH

P.S. Maybe someday Iíll be cured of my ridiculous obsession with loveÖ until then you get to read my wonderfully delightful diary entries about love, sex, and above all else, Alex. Good night, sweet dreams, and may all of them come true.

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