The Joy of Sex?
11:33 pm on Monday, Sept. 08, 2003

The Joy of Sex?

I wonder why sometimes I can have sex that’s a 9.5 on a scale of 10 and still end up being depressed. Maybe it’s one of the downfalls of having manic depression, or bipolar disorder. Bill is so sweet. It still hurt a little but when he went really slow and worked his way in slowly, well all I can say is mmmmmmm….. delicious. It was like we were making love instead of just having sex. Today I almost came with him. I was so close…. But he pulled out right before, and came all over me! Yummy! Then he wiped me off with a towel. We were going to go out somewhere and then come back and do it a second time, but something inside me said no, I didn’t want to do it twice today. I don’t know why. I wasn’t really in the mood to give him a blow job today, but I did it anyway and apparently he really liked it.

I want to take a moment and say I’m sorry to my best friend Nikki. Sometimes I’m not a very good best friend, sometimes I really suck at it, lol. I have a habit of sucking LOL. But I hope that the good times make up for the not-so-good times.

So back to the experience today with Bill…it was great…I love having sex with him…I love just kissing him…I love how passionate we both get with our kisses…I was gonna ask him if he could lick me today and I forgot next time I will definitely ask him, for all the blow jobs I’ve given him, he owes me! : P I bet he’s good at licking…though not as good as Matt… Bill wants me to have sex with him and another guy…I had thought about that before…it’s kinda a fantasy of mine…right after the half-pipe fantasy. Well gotta run, I’ll talk at ya later, gator! RACH

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