4:21 pm on Tuesday, Nov. 09, 2004

I paused for a moment, pen poised over the pages of my faded teenage diary, and caught my breath. I was always losing my breath when I thought about her and what it was like to touch her, to taste her...
I inhaled and then exhaled slowly, savoring the sweet, crisp morning air. In a few minutes I would crawl out of bed and hop into the shower, cleansing the dirt from my body but not the dirty thoughts from my brain.
I'm only seventeen and a senior in high school, but I've always been mature beyond my years. At least according to what my mother always tells me.
"Honey, breakfast is ready!" she called up to me from downstairs.
"I'll be there in a bit, ma!" I called back, and then I closed my diary quickly, jumped out of bed and headed for the shower, stripping off my night clothes along the way. As the hot water rushed over my tan slender body, I thought about my weekend at Mona's.
Weekend at Mona's...that almost sounded like a movie and if our weekend together had been one it wouldve been rated X. Even if it had gone no further than kissing, it would've been great. Mona is a great kisser and sometimes I call her "Hot Lips" although she looks nothing like Margaret Houlihan on M*A*S*H. Mona has long straight jet black hair and is a bit of a goth at times, although she does have her sweatshirt and faded jeans days. And she has her tongue pierced, which makes kissing her a whole more fun...and interesting.
"Joel! Breakfast is ready!" Ma yelled, this time sounding annoyed. I finished my shower, got dressed, and ran down the stairs. I was wearing my newest favorite outfit - a long sleeve black turtleneck, tight black jeans, and a pair of black Bam V2 skate shoes. I don't stereotype myself as a skater but I do like to skate.
If only Mona knew the real me, I thought as I sat eating breakfast at the kitchen table. There were secrets I had kept from her and one was a big secret...
(to be cont'd)

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