Tremblin down to my fingertips
1:31 am on Thursday, Sept. 11, 2003

Tremblin down to my fingertips

Why do I let those credit card people get to me? They’re just full of shit anyway…they’re just ordinary everyday people…they’re not super-evil people who can vaporize me with their super-evil powers. Anyways, enough about them…I should be trembling about good things like earth-shattering orgasms and love butterflies in my stomach and knowing I will hear good news from disability any day now. Every once in a while I think about what tomorrow is and I get an anxious feeling that rises up from the pit of my stomach…September 11th, a day I will never forget. Why did those people have to die? If only when I was a child and had those dreams I had known some more information, if only…but I can’t change the past…I can only live in the now, and hope for a better tomorrow. A tomorrow where love lasts and people are free to walk outside and live their everyday lives without the fear of being killed for their beliefs or for where they live or for who they are. I want to be always getting better, even if it is slowly, because a whole bunch of small baby steps forward are better than a couple gigantic steps back.

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